Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Grain Box?

Our Grain Boxes consist of a selection of carefully selected dry grains, pulses or seeds. Delivered to your door with no plastic. 

How does it work?

Select which size you want by the weight of grains you want each month, and we'll select and deliver the grains to you.

How are the boxes priced?

The boxes are priced per weight of grains purchased each month. All our boxes include postage and packaging. We hand pack your grains, and carefully select your grains from the best Organic and most ethical suppliers, so you can be sure of the quality and ethical credentials of your grains.

Are the grains Organic?

If we can find an Organic version of the grain, we will use it. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can't find an Organic version of the grain. We will tell you each month which of the grains are Organic - 90% of our grains are Organic.

Are the boxes suitable for vegans?

Our company is 100% vegan and always will be. You can be sure your boxes will always be suitable for vegetarians and vegans always!

What will I get in my box?

You will receive between 3-6 different types of grains, pulses and seeds each month up to the weight of grains you have selected. The grains will be wrapped in paper not plastic, so you can either find another purpose for your paper bags, pop them in your compost or put them in your recycling. We don't put anything else in the box as we believe in a simple approach, but you will also be sent an email along with your box with cooking tips and recipe suggestions. 

A typical 1kg box could include:

200g White penne pasta

200g Brown wholewheat rice

100g Chia seeds

200g Chickpeas

200g Wild rice

100g Red split lentils

Do you provide cooking instructions?

To keep the boxes as waste free as possible we will send you and email alongside your box. If you choose not to get our emails you can look on the website blog for ideas and suggestions on how to use your grains. We'd also love you to share your own ideas using the hashtag #GoodfayreGrainBoxes

Where can I get a coupon code?

If you are lucky enough to have one, use it at the checkout. If not we suggest you go ahead and get a box anyway. We reward our loyal customers and you are much more likely to get coupons once you have signed up. 

What else is in my box?

Nothing! Your box is as waste free as we can make it, so we don't put in anything other than the grains and the paper packaging.

Do you offer gluten free boxes?

Not at the moment, but never say never!

Do you do a first box free?

We don't offer a first box free at the moment. We like to pay our staff a fair wage, treat our suppliers well so that everyone benefits. If we discount our products it makes it harder for us to achieve the above. So, at the moment ,we can't offer your first grain box free. We do recognise loyalty and reward our customers with offers and rewards. 

Can I select which grains I have in my box?

At the moment we don't have any options to select which grains you get. We like to think of it as a bit of a lucky dip, a chance to try out new grains, you haven't yet discovered. We do have an online ordering service, so, if you prefer, you can buy grains to order - head on over to our shop to do this. 

I have another question.

Feel free to email us at and we will do our best to answer it for you.

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